group show


Exhibition Opening 28.02 at 20h
28 Feb-16 Mar

Tue-Sat (12-20h)

MASTERPIECES exhibits works of master students of the Painting department of the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade, selected by the U10 Art Collective. After a brief and insightful visit to the faculty, the collective has invited seventeen young artists to show their works within the exhibition setting made through collaboration and free communication with the members of the collective.

The goal of the exhibition is, in accordance with the fundamental idea of U10 Art Space, to present and promote the young art scene and to give the opportunity to the artists of the youngest generation to gain experience in exhibition setting and organizing, and communicating with the public and professionals, as well as to get to know and present themselves to the local scene.

Shady Laguna Resort
Marija Avramović & Sam Twidale

Gallerija Novembar

Exhibition Opening 01.02 at 19:30h
1 Feb-20 Mar
Tue-Fri (12-20h) Sat (10-18h) Sun (10-14h)

The authors of the show are our young artist Marija Avramovic currently living and working in Paris, and Sam Twidale from Hereford, England, who also lives and works in Paris. This unusual multimedia exhibition will enable visitors to, at least for a moment, get displaced from reality and go to a warm place, among tropical plants and beautiful pools, where, recently, a wild party took place.

In their joint work, Marija and Sam tend to combine artificial intelligence and contemporary storytelling, which resulted in a generative video Non Playable After Party, whose language and aesthetics resembles video games, though it is not interactive. They use simple artificial intelligence to give the characters in their video independent life in real time.


Eugster II Belgrade

Exhibition Opening 7.03 at 19h
7 Mar-11 Apr
Wed (17-19h) Sat (14-18h)

MUNDANE (adj.) profane, of this world (rather than heavenly)

Visual arts and fashion occasionally cross paths. Out of the two, fashion certainly has a healthier relationship with reality, being honest about what it is: it’s a commodity, it gives us what we want, therefore it tells us where we stand as a society.

In the past few years, mostly thanks to Instagram and other online platforms, general awareness about trends in lifestyle and clothing increased. As information became almost annoyingly accessible, aesthetics did the same. (Natalija Paunić)

7th BIF-Belgrade Irish Festival

During nine festival days, the audience can expect the latest and most significant Irish films, exhibitions, literary events, workshops and other attractive cultural events.

The film program will present some of the most relevant Irish movies, including films of special guest of the festival, director Lenny Abrahamson. Beside Feature films, this year festival will offer some interesting documentaries and animated movies for children and adults.

The Visual Art program will host famous Irish street-art artist James Early who will paint a mural in the Belgrade downtown. The audience will also have an opportunity to see digital sculptures of prestigious Irish artist John Gerrard. 

Full program

 9 Mar-17 Mar

Копия slika-naslovna-eng
16th Belgrade Dance Festival

The 16th edition of the Belgrade Dance Festival will be all about “Emotions”. A total of 16ml of different, and yet equally precious ‘substances’ will form a ‘concentrate’ that will help both the fans of the finest art and absolute novices to regenerate their best emotions.

A total of 16 ballet and contemporary dance companies from 11 countries will perform 20 choreographed pieces and 25 solos and duets in front of the audiences from March 22nd to April 12th.

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22 Mar-12 Apr