Pred Vama stoje samo muškarci
Jelena Trpković

Kulturni centar Beograda

Exhibition Opening 8.11 at 19h
8 Nov-6 Dec
Mon-Sat (12-20h)

At this exhibition the artist remains consistent with current and provocative topics from social life focused primarily on the perception of male and female relations in the modern world. In the constructed compositions that she is building with a precise method of cutting material from the hill of newspapers, photographs, old books, scanned pages … intervening further by painting with wooden crayons, glue, varnishes, fictitious …, the actors of its visual performances and scenes that are built are recognizable by grotesque and the irony that the artist fits into the atmosphere in harmony, and the atmosphere of the scene.

Catastrophically Gorgeous

Eugster || Belgrade

Exhibition Opening 12.09 at 20h
12 Sep-1 Dec
Wed(17-19h) Sat(14-18h)

“In this exhibition the artists probe a speculative approach of the future in a world triggered by hyper consumption and governed by hyperobjects. What has just happened? What is about to happen? What might have happened?

In CATASTROPHICALLY GORGEOUS, :mentalKLINIK becomes the mastermind of a myriad of possible scenarios that affects the present state of the gallery space. The duo’s work fluctuates between the potentialities of provoking the event, postulating a plot for a disaster, and simply leaves the viewer as sole witness to the aftermath of a crisis or leftovers of the invisible.”

Action Forms:
Retrospective exhibition of Ilija Šoškić

Museum of Contemporary Art

Exhibition Opening 13.10 at 13h
13 Oct-24 Dec
Mon, Wed, Fri-Sun(10-18h) Thu(10-22h)

Ilija Šoškić (Dečani, 1935) is a unique creative figure and is personally characterised by numerous identities: athlete, artist, performer, “sixty-eighter”, radical left-winger, theoretician and motorbiker. Belonging and being active in different cultural spheres at the same time (European, Italian, Yugoslav, Montenegrin, Croatian, Serbian), Šoškić succeeded in staying true to the ideas with which he embarked on his career – a radical (neo)avantgardist, a guerrilla artist, but also a metaphysicist who, even though he didn’t manage to change society, through his work and engagement moved the borders of the perception of art not only as a space of political struggle, but also of the philosophical contemplation of meaning as a precondition for social and artistic survival.

Slobodna Zona / Free Zone Film Festival

Audience will have an opportunity to watch more than 50 movies which deal with various topics such as memories and facing the past, civil and personal disobedience to resistance and repression, as well as the rise of the extreme right in Europe and beyond. On a personal level, actors of films from this year’s selection are questioning the authorities that the state and society imposes and try to find sense in a world that is increasingly facing institutional violence, corruption and erosion of democratic values and civil and personal freedoms.

The opening ceremony of the festival will be inspired by a story from Soviet underground rock scene. Leto is a Russian biographical film directed by Kirill Serebrennikov. Music, love triangle and rebellion within the political system that doesn’t allow differences are the main motives of this motion-picture which gathers splendid actors and soundtracks. Leto creates a flash back to the 8os and brings to mind how this decade of the 20 century has arouse deep emotions and genuine rebellion.


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Dvorana Kulturnog centra Beograda (Kolarčeva 6)

Art Bioskop Kolarac (Studentski trg 5)

Dom kulture Studentski grad (Bulevar Zorana Djindjica 179)

Dom omladine Beograda (Makedonska 22)

Jugoslovenska kinoteka (Uzun Mirkova 1)

Kombank Dvorana (Dečanska 14)



photo_2018-11-04_04-44-46 (2)
No Sleep Festival

Over a sleepless weekend in Belgrade, No Sleep Festival will feature dozens of artists in multiple venues for over thousands of No Sleepers. The indoor electronic music festival will include round the clock events across several points in the heart of the city. The two main events will be held at the colossal new Hangar in Port of Belgrade with its industrial setting contrasted by Europe’s largest river Danube.

Besides its two main events, No Sleep Festival will also feature daytime parties, workshops and exhibitions, along with a music conference with very exciting international and local speakers. Its goal is to address many different aspects and experiences that surround the electronic music scene of today. Convergence of people that have different experiences will spark a dialog on both known and yet unmapped areas of the global and local scene. Program and more information will soon follow.e

15-18 Nov

Belgrade, Serbia