Something Else
by Boogie

Laufer Art

Exhibition Opening 20.09 at 18h
20 Sep- Oct
Tue-Sat (14-19h)

“Something Else” is an attempt to explore and unearth this, almost unknown, side of his work. It is executed using his peculiar brand of obsessive photography during which Boogie shoots while driving or talking, almost unconsciously, like one whistles. Almost like sketches, these images form the backdrop to Boogie’s main work. They are what the photographer sees and is attracted by while doing “something else”. This allows him to be caught unaware by his own emotions and to let them transpire through his frame. Reveling in warm and deep colors, Boogie willingly gives up focussing on his trademark topics and openly ventures into harmony and nature. (David Laufer)


Catastrophically Gorgeous

Eugster || Belgrade

Exhibition Opening 12.09 at 20h
12 Sep-1 Dec
Wed(17-19h) Sat(14-18h)

“In this exhibition the artists probe a speculative approach of the future in a world triggered by hyper consumption and governed by hyperobjects. What has just happened? What is about to happen? What might have happened?

In CATASTROPHICALLY GORGEOUS, :mentalKLINIK becomes the mastermind of a myriad of possible scenarios that affects the present state of the gallery space. The duo’s work fluctuates between the potentialities of provoking the event, postulating a plot for a disaster, and simply leaves the viewer as sole witness to the aftermath of a crisis or leftovers of the invisible.”

Ivan Grubanov

Galerija Novembar

Exhibition Opening 13.09 at 20h
13 Sep-19 Oct
Tue-Fri(12-20h) Sat(10-18h) Sun(10-14h)

The focal point of Grubanov’s art is a thematic body of work dedicated to the notion of nation. In the production of his paintings, the artist uses the well-established practice of selecting national entities whose symbols include characteristic national slogans, which are embroidered on the canvas surface. In the following stages of applying the layers of paint, petrol, and smoke, they are being covered, concealed and transformed into alternative definitions and messages through provocative visual and aesthetic presentations, posing engaged questions about cohesive properties of today’s nations, their correspondence with current social reality, possible developments of the notion of nation and the future influence of emblems.


57. October Salon: The Marvellous Cacophony 

October Salon is a representative manifestation of accomplishments in the field of visual art in Serbia, found and funded by the City of Belgrade. Back in 1960, it started as an exhibition of the best works of fine arts, and went on to become, by 1967, an important review of current tendencies in applied arts, as well. With tradition of half a century, it represents a significant segment in study of contemporary Serbian art. It has become a reference point in Serbian culture, a representative muster of visual artists and a grand exhibition selected and curated by accomplished connoisseurs in the field. In its history, it changed conception and organisational patterns, but remained a formidable challenge to creative consciousness.


“We have decided to present an exhibition entitled The Marvellous Cacophony, based on the idea of diversity. This concept puts the Serbian and the Belgrade art scenes into an international context, but at the same time, refers to the complex cultural and socio-political situation in the region. At the beginning of 21st century, despite the fact that the Western notion of contemporary art has become an universal model of reference, no single common denominator has emerged. The art world has many centres, multi-layered activities, a plurality of ideas about what art is and what it can be, and an impressive number of heterogeneous works. This Marvellous Cacophony reflects the richness of the world. It is a positive condition, creating energies that can include dissonance and even conflicting ideas and expressions. It involves the coexistence of multiple identities and permanent relational flows, conveying notions of miscellany and openness, and creating meaningful narratives about art and culture, social issues and politics. The Marvellous Cacophony will explore worldwide artistic production, looking into diverse art scenes and different generations of living artists. It will bring together a constellation of works that express, through their forms, structures, materials, techniques, devices and content, the extraordinary richness of contemporary artistic expression.” (Danielle and Gunnar B. Kvaran)


Kulturni centar Beograda (galerije Podroom, Likovna, Artget) Tue-Sun (12-20h)

Galerija Srpske akademije nauka i umetnosti (SANU) Tue-Sun (10-21h) Thu (11-16h)

Muzej grada Beograda (Resavska 40b) Tue-Sun 12-20h

Umetnički prostor U10 Tue-Sun (12-20h)

Remont – nezavisna umetnička asocijacija Tue-Sun (12-20h)



No Sleep Festival

Over a sleepless weekend in Belgrade, No Sleep Festival will feature dozens of artists in multiple venues for over thousands of No Sleepers. The indoor electronic music festival will include round the clock events across several points in the heart of the city. The two main events will be held at the colossal new Hangar in Port of Belgrade with its industrial setting contrasted by Europe’s largest river Danube.

Besides its two main events, No Sleep Festival will also feature daytime parties, workshops and exhibitions, along with a music conference with very exciting international and local speakers. Its goal is to address many different aspects and experiences that surround the electronic music scene of today. Convergence of people that have different experiences will spark a dialog on both known and yet unmapped areas of the global and local scene. Program and more information will soon follow.e

15-18 Nov

Belgrade, Serbia