Selma Selmanć

Galerija Novembar

Exhibition Opening 10.12 at 19h
10 Dec-30 Jan
Tue-Fri (12-20h) Sat(10-18h) Sun (10-14h)

It is first Belgrade solo exhibition of Selma Selman, a young Bosnian-Herzegovinian artist, activist and philanthropist of Roma origin who currently lives and works in New York.

Within her artistic practice, Selma deals with questions and topics such as identity, inherited socio-cultural prejudices and stereotypes, as well as emancipation, human rights, equality and ranges of humanity in the society we live in. Inspiration and legitimacy for her work the artist finds and draws from her own experiences and the life of her family.

Bigger Picture: Who Am I?

Drina Gallery

Exhibition Opening 29.12 at 19h
29 Dec-17 Jan
Tue-Sat (13:30-19:30)

The Bigger Picture exhibition is conceived as passing through the eclectic, changing space of an imaginary collector – one imaginable journey through an art collection, at the same time a diary of one possible collection and marking the two years of the existence of the gallery.

The Bigger Picture raises the question of what an art collection really means and what it can represent today. At a time when art is increasingly linked to market values, we recall that the real value of art is somewhat more complex and wider – an imagination that communicates with an individual sense of authenticity and detail, and is realized most often outside the sterile walls of the white gallery cube.


Because Vanity Is Stronger Than Fear
Saša Tkačenko / VVhile

Eugster II Belgrade

Exhibition Opening 20.12 at 18h
20 Dec-23 Feb
Wed (17-19h) Sat (14-18h)

In one part of the gallery, our audience will have an opportunity to see a new selection of artworks by Ivana Ivković, Marta Jovanović, Vladimir Miladinović, Emir Šehanović, :mentalKLINIK and Saša Tkačenko.

The season begins with the launch of Ruins Of Future Utopia (vinyl) by VVhile, previously featured and made especially for Saša Tkačenko’s exhibition of the same name in February 2018. The launch brings about a new series of artworks that reflect on previously made material and the subject of melancholia. With kind support from Dogma brewery, we will serve a special edition of their Hoptopod beer to our guests.

Slobodna Zona / Free Zone Film Festival

Audience will have an opportunity to watch more than 50 movies which deal with various topics such as memories and facing the past, civil and personal disobedience to resistance and repression, as well as the rise of the extreme right in Europe and beyond. On a personal level, actors of films from this year’s selection are questioning the authorities that the state and society imposes and try to find sense in a world that is increasingly facing institutional violence, corruption and erosion of democratic values and civil and personal freedoms.

The opening ceremony of the festival will be inspired by a story from Soviet underground rock scene. Leto is a Russian biographical film directed by Kirill Serebrennikov. Music, love triangle and rebellion within the political system that doesn’t allow differences are the main motives of this motion-picture which gathers splendid actors and soundtracks. Leto creates a flash back to the 8os and brings to mind how this decade of the 20 century has arouse deep emotions and genuine rebellion.


Full programme



Dvorana Kulturnog centra Beograda (Kolarčeva 6)

Art Bioskop Kolarac (Studentski trg 5)

Dom kulture Studentski grad (Bulevar Zorana Djindjica 179)

Dom omladine Beograda (Makedonska 22)

Jugoslovenska kinoteka (Uzun Mirkova 1)

Kombank Dvorana (Dečanska 14)



2Hot4Stage Fest 2019

The festival is the largest gathering of artists practicing different branches of Hip-Hop, bringing them all together at one place!

This year, the slogan for the event is „Urban circles“, and it emphasizes the importance of connecting and exchanging ideas among young creative people. Additionally, through specific art forms, it strives to promote a sports way of living.

22-24 Feb

Dorćol Platz